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  • Welcome to the Tuscumbia City Schools Curriculum and Instruction page.  Tuscumbia City School’s mission statement is "Educating every student today...Preparing every student for the opportunities of tomorrow."  We believe that in order to successfully educate our students, we must ensure that what we are teaching matches the standards as given by the Alabama State Department of Education and is rigorous and relevant to our student body.  We wish for all of our students to be competent and able to perform multiple tasks in order to be the most successful person that they can be in their lives. 


    Currently Tuscumbia City Schools utilizes the following educational programs:

    Edmentum:  Edmentum allows teachers to diagnostically test all students in grades 1-12 in reading and math.  This allows the teachers to drill down to find specific deficiencies in student learning.  Edmentum is also used to develop child specific learning paths in order to meet children’s needs in order for them to be more successful.

    APlus College Ready:  Both Deshler Middle and Deshler High School are members of the APlus College Ready Program.  This program is supported by the Alabama Best Practices Center and provides professional development for teachers and rigorous lesson plan development for student learning. 

    Advanced Placement:  Deshler High School offers six different Advanced Placement courses to include AP Computer Science, AP Language, AP Literature, AP United States History, AP Physics, and AP Biology.  We look to include AP Statistics and/or AP Calculus in the near future.

    Career Tech Program:  Tuscumbia City Schools offers multiple Career Tech learning opportunities for students either on campus or through partnerships with Muscle Shoals Career Tech Center and Northwest Shoals Community College.  You can find more information in regards to Career Tech opportunities on the Tuscumbia City Schools Career Tech pageDeshler High School Career Tech Center .

    Dual Enrollment: Deshler High School provides Dual Enrollment courses through The University of North Alabama and Northwest Shoals Community College.  There are various course opportunities for our students.  Please contact the Deshler High School counselors for more information.

    AMSTI:  Through a partnership with The University of North Alabama, all elementary grade teachers have been trained in both reading and math and most teachers having science training in the use of best practices. This enables our teachers to use the content modules that are provided by UNA to better teach our students.

    Powerful Conversations Network:  GW Trenholm and Deshler High School are both members of the Alabama Best Practices Center and provide enriching professional development for teachers.

    Key Leaders Network:  Tuscumbia City Schools is a member of the Alabama Best Practices Center Key Leaders Network.  This allows for our administrators to participate in valuable professional development that leads to greater student achievement.