Registration Documents

  • As part of the enrollment process, the student’s parent/legal guardian must provide at least TWO (one of the items must be an apartment or home lease) of the items listed below to establish residency in the school zone.

    1. Apartment or Home Lease (required for enrollment)(no more than 45 days old)
      • Apartment/House Lease 
      • Apartment/House rent receipt
      • Mortgage receipt
    2. Utility Bills or Deposit Receipts (no more than 45 days old)
      • Electric bill or deposit receipt
      • Gas bill or deposit receipt
      • Telephone bill or deposit receipt
      • Water bill or deposit receipt
    3. Property Tax Records or Deeds
      • Deed
      • Tax receipt record
    4. Income Tax Records
      • Copy of W2 form
      • Copy of check from the IRS
      • Correspondence from the IRS
    5. Employment Records
      • Payroll check/stub with fixed name and address.
    6. Registration Records
      • Voter registration
      • Auto registration
    7. Other Official Proof of Residence Documents
      • Social Security records (check from the Social Security Office) or correspondence from other US Government Agencies